Extraordinary performance, meet removability


All-new removable for PCIe/NVMe SSDs

CRU provides rugged and reliable removable drive solutions for cyber/data security and data transport in Federal agencies, the military, and many other industries.

We have been working with industry partners to develop and test a removable drive with a native PCIe interface. PCIe/NVMe storage technology is steadily making its way into computers and other devices, and as we have done for many generations of storage technologies, CRU is introducing a removable solution. 

The all-new Data Express® QX310 removable drive makes use of standard form factors to bring rugged removabiility to PCIe/NVMe SSDs. The QX310 itself is installed in standard 3.5" drive bays, and houses M.2 and U.2 form factor PCIe/NVMe SSDs in a sturdy carrier. The design of the QX310 makes it easy to eject, swap, transport, or secure data stored on PCIe/NVMe SSDs.

Product Dimensions

5.91" x 3.99" x 1.02" (150.1mm x 101.4mm x 25.8mm)
Fits into a 3.5-inch bay

Product Weight (frame and carrier) 0.97lbs (442g)
Drive Types Supported M.2 and U.2 NVMe solid state drives

Stay tuned for further updates about the QX310 and PCIe/NVMe removables.To find out more, including lead times and pricing, please contact sales@cru-inc.com.


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