Trusted removable drives

The de facto industry standard for over 20 years

CRU removables are the rugged and reliable standard for data transport and data security. We offer removables for 2.5" hard drives or 3.5" hard drives, designed for all standard drive or optical bays.

Our mobile racks are trusted exclusively by HP, Dell, and many other manufacturers. Purchase CRU removables factory-integrated into workstations, desktops, and laptops, or shop for our removables by themselves.

Most popular removable drives

Removable drives offer:

  • Quick access to your drives and your data
  • Capacity: store and swap entire workstation data – even the OS
  • Extraordinary speed and performance

Transfer speeds that cloud storage can’t match

Transfering large volumes of data over the Internet is impractical. A 1TB file at 25 Mbps takes 3.5 days! With your removables and FedEx, your work can get to its destination overnight.


The original cyber security

Removability – with or without encryption

Hacker? Ransomware attack? With the obvious feature of our drive enclosures – removability – you can unplug your data to safety. Additionally, our removables can be configured with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.



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